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Breathwork Meditation

Breathwork, or Active Breathwork Meditation, is a body-centered breathing practice, but it's so much more than that. Breathwork is a powerful method of moving stuck energy, physical tension, and bottled-up emotions through a simple two-part breath. One-on-one Breathwork sessions are typically an hour.  The first 15 minutes we will discuss your emotional and physical well-being and work on your goals for the session.  I will guide you through about 30 minutes of the active breathwork meditation, followed by 15 minutes for integration, meditation, and any questions or follow-up. I also facilitate groups.

Breathwork Meditation might be a useful tool for you if: You suffer from holding in emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness. You grapple with anxiety and worry. You have a hard time leaving your mind and operating in the here and now. You struggle with 2nd chakra issues (the 2nd chakra is associated with the throat and areas related to communication, speaking your truth, etc.). You would like to feel more open, seen, and powerful.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress release that involves light therapeutic touch on areas such as the head, shoulders, and feet. Reiki, loosely translated, means "universal life energy". Sessions are typically an hour and are priced sliding-scale.

Reiki might be a good fit for you if: You have a difficult time slowing down. You feel as though your problems are murky and unidentifiable. You have chronic stress and "hold" areas of your body due to this aggravated condition. You are working with unresolved grief or feelings of sadness/depression. You would like to feel more light, safe, and unencumbered. 


I teach Vinyasa ("flow"), Yin, and Restorative yoga, though I specialize in something right in the middle - a slow and meditative flow coupled with a few comfy and highly-propped relaxation poses. Because of the highly sensory experience of yoga, I teach from a trauma-informed perspective, which means that I am aware of and mindful to the wide range of emotions that embodied movement can bring out in students. I absolutely love teaching in unusual settings for folks who might not typically do yoga - I have taught at summer camps, feminist bike gatherings, and archival film conferences.  Contact me for group rates.

Yoga might be a supportive practice for you if: You don't feel that you spend a lot of time "in your body." You're like "what does 'in my body' even mean?!?" :) You work in a sedentary environment such as an office. You would like to work with feelings related to body image and body safety in a supportive environment. You would like to feel more grounded, strong, flexible, and stable.